The Best Solar Powered Backpacks Reviewed!


A good solar powered backpack is great for hiking, camping, or everyday use!

For those of us that really like to spend a lot of time outdoors away from electricity, but also really like using our smartphones for documenting those outdoor adventures – a real smart investment would be the purchase of a solar powered backpack.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are awesome until the battery dies on you, than they are pretty much worthless. Good solar powered backpacks are going to allow you to charge those devices efficiently when you have no access to electricity. Using the power of the sun, you are able to keep those electronics working – and the social media statuses coming!

Below is a list of the best solar powered backpacks. We wanted to look at charging power, comfort, looks, storage capabilities, and other factors to make sure we recommended some of the best versions you can buy. These backpacks are going to be perfect for hikers and campers that aren’t around electricity, or even students that just need to charge their phone in between classes!

ECEEN Backpack Options


Dollar for Dollar the ECEEN 7 Watt Solar Backpack is a great buy! Click on the picture to purchase!

One of my favorite solar backpacks is the ECEEN 7 Watt Solar Backpack. There are numerous color schemes to pick from, ranging from blue to nature green to neon green – so you should have no problem finding a look that fits your personal style.

These backpacks come with a solar panel, USB cord, and a solar charger battery pack. You can strap the solar panel onto the back pack with the four built in clips, and the solar panel is very durable (you can even bend it, it is very flexible) – so you don’t have to worry about smashing it.

How it works is very simple, you attach the USB cord from the solar panel through a small opening in the backpack to either the battery pack or your electronic devices inside of your pack. Once you do this, the sun will start to charge your devices!

One way to charge your electronics is to plug in the solar panel straight to your electronic device. With direct sunlight, these solar panels can charge your phone or smaller electronic device at about a 50% slower rate than most phone chargers that are just plugged into the wall at home. The bigger the electronic device, the longer it is going to take to charge directly from the solar panel. Also the cloudier the weather, the longer the charge is going to take.


The ECEEN Solar Foldable Hiking Backpack is also a great buy!

The other thing you can do is charge your electronics with the included battery pack (not all backpacks have these). If you do this, your phone or electronic device will charge in roughly the same time it takes when plugged into a standard charger at home. You can then use the solar panel to recharge the battery! The battery does have four lights on the top of it that tells you how charged your battery is.

There are multiple storage compartments of various sizes where you can store things from laptops, phones, and tablets, to paper, water bottles, and a decent amount of clothing. This is a really handy camping and hiking backpack, or a great option for just walking around town.

It is a very comfortable pack and is very easy to wear. It is normally priced in the $90.00 to $125 range depending on the style you pick, so it is more expensive than a lot of other options, but it performs better.

ECEEN also makes a lightweight option called the ECEEN Solar Foldable Hiking Backpack. This version includes a 3.5 watt foldable and removable solar panel and a 2000mAH battery pack. This version works exactly the same as the bigger version – but the battery and solar panel are a little smaller, so they do take a little longer to charge electronics.

Really the only reason that I would pick the smaller version over the larger version is because you just want a bag that is smaller in size, or because the smaller version is a little less expensive. Either way, you will be getting a very dependable travel bag that can charge those electronic devices!

Lumos UnPlug Solar Backpack


The Lumos UnPlug Solar Backpack is our best choice for cyclists! Click the picture to purchase!

Lumos UnPlug makes a great backpack that they market towards bike riders! They call it the solar backpack made by cyclists for cyclists, and there are many reasons why!

It has a very compact design that has a reflective outline that is great for cyclist safety (especially at night or those real early morning bike rides). It is water resistant, so a little rain won’t hurt anything. There is plenty of storage space, but the lightweight design won’t slow you down on your bike! It even has a hydration hole and the supports were designed for bike riding comfort.

It also ships with a green high-visibility rain cover to protect the backpack during heavy rainstorms. Personally, I love the look.

The bag has a 3w “solar fabric” that will help you charge your electronics and it does come with a 2000mah battery for extra charging capabilities. The battery can be charged from a laptop. User reviews of the charging capabilities have been very positive for this product as well.

This is the number one solar power backpack for bike riders. If you ride your bike to work, or if you enjoy some long biking trails – this is the right backpack for you.

Zuoao Solar Powered Backpack


The Zuoao Solar Powered Backpack is the best solar powered hiking backpack! Click on the picture to buy.

The Zuoao Solar powered backpack is my recommendation for people that are looking for a good hiking backpack. It has a great frame that has lots of built in straps and padding to make hiking with this backpack as comfortable as possible. The strap fabric is also very breathable, which helps with airflow and keeping you cool.

There is even a built in 2L hydration bladder bag! This solar backpack really is built for hikers!

The 7W solar panel is removable and it comes with the 5V USB port that you can use to charge your electronics. Size wise (L x W x H) you are looking at 22.8 x 13.39 x 5.9 inches with a net weight of 3.3 pounds. That should be plenty of space for you to pack all of your gear in, and with how the backpack frame is built, the extra weight won’t bother you at all!

It does not come with a battery pack, but you can purchase one to store that solar energy. Again, this is our top recommendation for a solar powered hiking backpack due to its size, comfort, and charging power!

Luisvanita Solar Charger Backpack


The Luisvanita Solar Powered Backpack is a great pick and made from recycled materials.

For those of you that are buying a solar backpack for the primary reason of being environmentally friendly, you should look at purchasing the Luisvanita Solar Charger Backpack. It is made from a lightweight, water resistant fabric that is primarily made from recycled plastic soda bottles! Not only do you save energy by charging your electronics with solar power, the bag itself is made from recycled materials!

The bag comes with one 6W solar panel that is incorporated into the bag itself. Since it is made from strong materials the panel can withstand everyday usage and you shouldn’t have a problem with it being scratched. The USB cable is included, which will allow you to connect the electronics to the solar panel for charging.

The manufacturer states that 4.5 hours of sunlight should charge most smartphones completely and 10 hours of sunlight should charge most seven inch tablets.

The one drawback here is there is no included battery pack that you can use to charge other devices when sunlight is not available, which means it’s possible to find some times on cloudy days when you’re just out of luck. Still, the price is very affordable, and I love the fact that the bag is made from recycled materials to stay as earth friendly as possible.


The Wosports Solar Pack is great for hiking and camping!

Wosports Solar Backpack

Wosports also makes a very solid solar backpack that is in the $60 to $75 range, which is very affordable for this product line. It also comes with a 7W waterproof solar panel with the connector needed to charge your electronic devices. The solar panel can be removed if needed, but there really isn’t any reason to do so (I mean, it becomes a regular backpack without the solar panel – and $75 is a little expensive for a regular pack).

There is a really sharp red or nature green color scheme that you can pick from (I prefer the red option, but the green does look good) and with the solar panel weight included – the pack weights about 2.5 pounds. That makes it a good pack for hiking and camping.

There is plenty of extra storage space for gear and electronics – with three separate storage compartments.

To me, it is a little bulky compared to some other options for bikers or students that are looking for something smaller to take from class to class. Overall, it is a great option for people that are interested in one of these packs for camping and hiking purposes.

EnerPlex Solar Backpack


EnerPlex Solar Powered Backpacks are very competitively priced!

EnerPlex also makes a very good solar powered backpack that will charge your phone and other electrical devices. However, this backpack does not come with a battery that stores energy – so when your backpack is not in the sun – it is not going to be charging your electronics or holding a charge for you to use later.

This solar backpack has a built in 3 watt solar panel that is built very well – again you don’t have to worry about these flexible solar panels breaking. When in good sunlight, you can expect your backpack to charge your phone in about 5 hours (according to the manufacturer).

The solar panel connects by USB cord to the inner compartments where you can store the electronics you are trying to charge. There is plenty of storage space. The look is okay – nothing special but nothing to be ashamed of either.

Reviews are mixed on this pack. The charge seems to be less than ideal if you are not in strong direct sunlight. Many people use the charger to keep their phone charged at the same level it gets plugged into at – meaning you aren’t losing a charge, but you aren’t really gaining one either.

The price is very affordable, which is the biggest selling point for this option when compared to others on the market.

Final Thoughts!

There are a lot of good reasons to purchase solar powered backpacks. They are great for charging your electronics when you normally couldn’t, and we all love to be a little more environmentally friendly.

The big things you need to look at when buying a backpack are what you are going to be using it for, and if you will need that battery attachment. Those batteries will come in handy when you are out in the middle of nowhere, but are a little less necessary when you are just traveling from class to class at your local college campus.

Comfort is important, so if you know you will be using these backpacks on bikes or while hiking – pick a version that is designed for that purpose!

For hikers and campers that are big into being environmentally friendly, check out these solar powered flashlights to add to your camping gear collection. Those flashlights are great in almost any night time outdoor situation.

Hopefully this article will help you pick the right solar charged backpack for your situation and if you want to see a quick review of solar powered backpacks – check out the linked video below.