The Best Hammock Straps Reviewed

hammock strap around treeThe movement towards hammock straps has been gaining steam for some time now, and it shouldn’t be all that surprising. As more and more outdoor enthusiasts realize the benefits of hammock camping, the demand for high quality hammock straps is only going to continue to climb.

Campers want to know that when they’re hanging between trees, or poles, or any two solid items they’ve tied the hammock to, that they don’t have to worry about one side giving out and dropping them unceremoniously on the ground. This is doubly a concern if you are high up off the ground or setting up over a creek or running water.

There are many discussions going on right now when it comes to what the best way to practice this unique style of camping is, with special focus on what to use in order to set up and secure the hammock itself. While many people’s first instinct was to go with using rope, in some instances rope can actually dig into the bark and make a tree more vulnerable to insects, disease, or damage.

Using straps, sometimes referred to as a “suspension system,” gets the job done in a way that doesn’t damage the trees and generally has far less impact on the environment than rope or cord. The hammock rope versus strap argument still takes place but it seems like the overwhelming majority of campers are moving towards the strap & suspension camp.

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Top Hammock Straps Out There

One thing worth mentioning off the bat is that most of these top ten are probably more or less interchangeable. There are very few outdoor products that have double digit results with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of reviews AND a 4.8 or higher average on Amazon. Hammock straps just happen to be one of those products.

Every single one reviewed on this list have a 4.8 rating or higher on as of this article’s printing and 70 is the fewest number reviews here. Most of these are even 4.9 or higher with hundreds or even thousands of ratings, so take a look at which ones seem like the best fit for you and buy with confidence – these are all rock solid choices for the outdoor camping enthusiast!

hammock strap product use chart

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HangTight Hammock Straps

If you found it hard to believe there was an easy choice for the best hammock strap options but among all the gold and jewels, HangTight’s straps are the diamonds. With nearly 1,800 ratings as of this writing, and a stunning 4.9 rating, there is a reason that they stick out above the competition.

There is a heavy focus on quality here, with reinforced stitching patterns that include a bar tack design for further support. The supportive looping is short, compact, and lighter than the competition while remaining stronger, as well. These are 10 feet long with an amazing breaking strength of 2200 lbs and get positive marks not only for being strong and dependable but they are also are designed to be tree friendly. This means none of the damage that can result from traditional hanging methods using rope.

The two ten foot long straps are more than enough for most campers, and there is an equally high quality XL HangTight Straps For Hammocks version that gives the same type of quality from even longer straps, so give those a try if you need just a little more space. In a tightly competitive market with so many outstanding choices, HangTight is a company that still manages to stick out in a good way.

black hammock straps in bag

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Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Suspension System

The Atlas suspension system straps by Eagles Nest Outfitters are the second most popular option on based on the sheer number of positive reviews, being one of only two options that hold their rating with over 1,000 positive user ratings from previous customers. That’s a a pretty dang solid base to look at when it comes to deciding whether to trust the overall star rating or not.

These black and blue straps are lightweight at only 11 ounces, making them a great choice for ultralight backpackers and long distance hikers looking to shave the weight off the pack, and can safely support up to 400 lbs of weight meaning they work even for larger campers.

Each of these hammock suspension straps are 9 feet in length, and designed to be environmentally friendly so they don’t damage any the of trees that are used to support your camping hammock. These are easy to set up, easy to take down, and easy to pack back up, making them a great choice for the growing number of hammock campers out there.

gray hammock straps and bag

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Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

Rallt is a name that is strongly associated with quality, and they don’t disappoint. These tree straps for hammocks are each 10 feet long for a total of 20 feet to work with or adjust while hanging, and were tested to 2055 lbs of breaking point. This hammock suspension system is made out of polyester which means no stretching, no tearing. The materials are going to hold up to pressure and to time and use.

The setup system involves a daisy chain loop, the beauty of this being that it works without having to know any knots, making setup easy, although maybe a touch of a bummer for those of us who wanted to show off what we remember from out scouting days, put we all have to make compromises sometimes. I suppose.

These straps for the hammock suspension system (fancy phrase for hanging straps) are compact and ultralight, coming in at only 11.7 ounces while still offering that level of strength and support that any outdoor enthusiast would expect from a high quality product like this one.

hammock suspension pack

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OxStraps Hammock Straps XL

OxStraps really does offer more of a full suspension system as buyers not only get the lightweight and high quality straps but also two carabiners as well as an easy carrying pouch that can be attached to a hiking bag or tossed in a backpack depending on your transportation needs.

Tested up to 1200 lbs, this is a strong suspension system whose carabiner and loop setup means no need for knots (sorry Eagle Scouts), and makes it easy for even a complete beginner to get their campsite ready quickly.

The straps are made out of spun polyester to encourage maximum strength with minimum weight and at only .75 lbs of weight they pull that off quite well.

The carabiners are a little different than some of the other popular hammock hanging systems, but as any rock climber can attest, those are built to be strong and they are built to hold a lot of weight in much more important situations than with hammocks, so you will be good to go.

One of the more unusual features of these is that they aren’t all black or gray. In fact, they come in five different colors at this point including: black, green, pink, red, & green.

Kodiak hammock straps

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Bear Butt XL Kodiak Straps For Hammocks

Measuring 10 feet in length each, these two combine for 20 feet of length and have 40 loops to allow for easy adjustment to get that “just perfect” hang that gives you the most comfortable possible campsite to enjoy. Add in two carabiners and that’s a lot of support and quality for a relatively low price.

These Kodiak straps for hanging up camping hammocks are manufactured by Bear Butt, which is manned by a couple looking to make their mark by providing the highest quality outdoor products, and based on the first 400 some reviews from hammockers and other campers who have given these a try, so far Bear Butt is on the mark when it comes to providing outstanding quality.

The straps are durable, look good, and if you’re a fan of brand related puns, the Amazon page for this product is going to be a delight. If you’re not the type of person who finds most puns funny (or if you’re an English major typing this post who finds the far majority of puns really, really annoying) then admittedly the page can be a bit of a slog. But humor wise to each their own. Doesn’t change the fact these are dang good hanging straps and deserve to be on this list of great camping hammock straps.

Add in a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee, and it is easy to see why these are becoming so popular.

blue straps, carabiners

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Wise Owl Outfitters XL Hammock Tree Straps

Available in a wide variety of colors, these high quality tree straps have quickly garnered a well deserved reputation as one of the best products out there when it comes to safely and effectively hanging up that outdoor hammock without damaging the tree. For low impact campers, this is definitely a product worth taking a serious look at.

These straps are made out of a strong webbing composing of polyester and polyester filament. The end result is a combination that comes together to create a strong and reliable strap that can hold up to large amounts of weight and will not stretch and weaken over time.

Weighing in at 15 ounces these are lightweight, although not ultralight, but also include 19 loops per strap to allow for adjustments so you can make sure your hammock is not strung up too tight or too loose. Straps are an inch wide and the package comes with two ultralight carabiners so you can hang it up right out of the pack, and may even save a few ounces replacing heavier carabiners better designed for rock climbing as opposed to hammock camping out of an ultralight pack.

blue tree strap with carabinersChill Gorilla Pro XL Hammock Hanging Straps

Propping itself as an ENO accessory to get the attention of fans of one of the biggest names in parachute hammocks for camping that’s out there, Chill Gorilla’s XL hanging straps have definitely garnered major attention and a very strong following.

Available in black or blue, these polyester straps with daisy loops for easy adjustment are designed to have minimum impact on trees, poles, or whatever you are hanging your hammock from. True to its name, these straps are designed to be able to handle the big weight and have been tested and approved for up to 600 lbs.

This comes in at .86 lbs, or right about 14 ounces, and everything that is included can be easily fit into the carrying pouch, making this a legitimate option for the long distance backpacking crew. This company includes a 100% money back guarantee, and the polyester is the standard for the industry to display outstanding strength without wearing out over time.

black hammock straps and bagPro Venture Pro Hammock Tree Hanging Straps

The tree hanging straps for hammocks produced by Pro Venture don’t focus on being overly flashy but they produce a solid strap that holds a solid amount of weight and is designed to put up with even the most intensive rigors over long periods of time. These are strong, easy to set up, and are low impact on the anchor points for where you set up your hammock.

These have been tested up to 1200 lbs, meaning each strap is capable of holding up to 600 lbs of stress, and they are designed to not wear out due to sunlight, moisture, or weight from constant use. These straps do not stretch, they are made with full 5 star quality in mind.

The supporting straps come in orange, white, or blue and come in 8 foot lengths or 11 foot lengths, therefore giving 16 feet or 22 feet of adjustment room based on which one you decide to go with. Pro Venture’s hanging straps also come with a full one year warranty for coverage as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee or a full refund. That’s a lot of faith the company has in their ability to deliver, and based on the sheer number of positive reviews it seems like they have definitely backed it up.

full hammock hanging kit

Benicci Premium Hammock Straps

The premium hammock suspension system offered by Benicci is very unique, and it has its fans as well as detractors. There is a degree of flexibility here as the basic polyester straps can hold up to 400 lbs each, meaning a set up hammock is good for holding up to 800 lbs of weight.

These can be used to hang a hammock off a tree without damaging it, while included carabiners, screws, and the necessary hardware to create a semi permanent fixture in stone or other solid material from which to use a carabiner setup when two trees aren’t available.

Many individuals dislike this second option seeing as how many campers switch to hammocking in part because it is lower impact on the campground, but the fact is that this hammock comes with both setups so individuals can decide to use whatever setup works best for them. Versatility shouldn’t be discounted.

The 15 safety loops are triple stitched, and the straps overall weigh less than a pound, making them ideal when every ounce counts. If in doubt, you won’t go wrong with these outstanding straps.

black hammock hanging packageBloom Hammock Hanging Straps

A full hammock suspension system by Bloom comes with two straps of over 11 feet each, designed to handle up to 1400 lbs total, two good carbiners, and an easy to carry bag that everything from the Bloom hammock strapping system can be fit into.

40 total loops means there are plenty of opportunity for adjusting the hammock’s hang as needed in order to get the most comfortable setup for sleeping. The non-stretching polyester means that these straps are not going to wear out from basic use.

At 17 ounces, this entire package is extremely lightweight while still providing an impressive amount of strength and durability for the outdoor hammock camper.  These straps are machine washable and won’t wear out, meaning they can be clean and used again and again. There are two color designs, the blue/white combo and the white/yellow combo.

Both look extremely good and offer the same quality of craftsmanship and functionality that you would come to expect from any of the top straps for hanging hammocks on this list.

The Rope Vs. Strap Argument

As I learned first hand when I first began to realize how widespread hammock camping was, you won’t research very long before finding out there is a major discussion of using rope or parachute cord versus using hanging straps. There are many different reasons for this, and it’s a conversation that continues to go back and forth throughout the community.

For example:

Here is an active discussion of this very topic on the Tree Buzz Forums. They are not the only forum that are talking about this point. You can see other hammockers’ opinion on this topic over at, as well.

There is also a really active community of hammock campers on Reddit who go over topics like this. Even just a little bit of reading will help you see every part of the conversation, with many campers wanting to go the strap route not only because of convenience with not needing to learn knots to tie the ropes off, but the increased surface area also means less stress on the tree and the bark, which means lower impact.

Replacement Hammock Straps

Sometimes a hammock package comes with all the supporting straps and gear, but that won’t always be the case. In addition, many sleeping hammocks come set up to be hung with rope when campers would much rather prefer using straps that are much less harmful to trees, meaning you’re spending day one looking for proper replacements.

This isn’t a bad thing. The good news is that, as this article has convinced you (at least I hope so otherwise dear Lord – how many MORE words do you want on hammock straps???) there are many outstanding options available. Find the one that has the dependability, flexibility, and fits your specific needs and then go enjoy your local slice of the great outdoors!

In Conclusion

There’s a lot to love about hammock camping, but being able to get the most relaxation out of your time outdoors means you need to have the right hammocking gear so you can relax. The good news is, as this article shows, there is no shortage of options when it comes to getting anything you need. Whether you decide to go with rope, parachute cord, or hammock straps, you have the high quality options that you need in order to set up your outdoor hammock and enjoy the relaxing effects of your perfect outdoor setup.
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