So You Want To Contribute?

As much as anyone, my brother and I appreciate a helping hand from people who understand the absolutely massive amount of work we are tackling in trying to really become a top of the line resource for anything related to the great outdoors. We’ve written hundreds of thousands of words and have barely even made a scratch – with entire areas of our outdoor lives and interests we haven’t even begin to cover yet.

In fact despite out best efforts we could probably write hundreds of articles and still have areas we haven’t covered to our liking yet. Did you have an amazing experience with beautiful photos you want to share? Have a detailed review of some of the best equipment out there? We’d like to hear from you.

Guest Posting

If you’re looking to promote your blog, website, or book via a guest post that certainly is an option. If you provide a really great article, review, or have a book/experience that fits in with our theme of being an online outdoor authority, then by all means contact us and if you hold up your side of the bargain, we have no problem letting you link to your personal blog, newest book, or whatever the case might be.

Great content is great content and we’re always looking for more. If you have an idea you want to pitch, or want to help out with an article to get attention to you blog, book, or project and need an idea, just contact us!

Do you guys do reviews?

We’re certainly open to reviewing something whether it is gear, a book, or anything at all really having to do with the outdoors but be aware:

  1. We will NEVER accept payment in exchange for a good review. Our reviews are going to be 100% honest as our experience dictates.
  2. You should always contact us prior to preparing to send something. Depending on what you want reviewed or what our schedule is, we may not be interested or just might not be in the right time/place to give your item the review it deserves.
  3. Check out the contact information at the end of this page to get a hold of us for sending a book, object, or other item. And no, we won’t pay shipping.
Let’s just be clear about some rules/standards we have:

We NEVER sell links. If your idea is to pay $20 to freelance some SEO junk, post it up, and get a link, move on. We don’t sell links in articles, on pages, anywhere. We aim to stay on Google’s good side. So don’t ask us to sell you a link or make an exception. We’ll delete your e-mail and never think of it again.

We care about quality. This goes for both the meat and potatoes of your content as well as your writing style. Give us as much good from both as you can fit in. Show us why we should trust you as a guest writer.

Generally speaking we want longer articles. Look, we won’t pass up an 800 word hiking experience article that is the best piece of adventure/outdoor/travel writing we’ve ever read, but there’s a reason most of our articles are 1,000 to 3,000 words.

Important: We will do our best to keep your natural voice and style throughout the article but we do hold the right to edit as needed or as appropriate for Amazing Outdoor Adventures.

Finally, it’s important to understand that we reserve the right to decide who we link out to. We want this clean and appropriate. Want to link to a sports blog, a book blog, a personal page or charity you’re passionate about? Your own small business? Those are all fine.

Things like adult content, gambling, and completely unrelated websites, are not. If you have any questions, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll let you know what is acceptable and what isn’t.

If after all this you are now still interested in writing for us, then by all means please contact Shane at

He handles many of the content queries and, assuming he’s not out camping on the weekend, or back up spending a week floating in an unnamed lake with friends in the Alaska wilderness, he will get back to you quickly. Even if he is camping, you should hear back within a week.

If you haven’t heard back in 7 days, please send a follow up – sometimes e-mails disappear out in that never never land known as the Internet.