Reviewing the Best Danner Snake Proof Hunting Boots

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Watch your step!

The Top Four Danner Snake Boots

When it comes to whether or not you should invest in a solid pair of reliable Danner snake proof boots, my thoughts are that you are much better safe than sorry! Hunters encounter all kinds of terrain and all types of animals when going through the wild looking to line up that perfect shot on their prey. This means even running into those animals they are not on the hunt for. Do you really want to put your foot down near a perfectly camouflaged venomous snake and not have protection running all the way up your lower leg?

While the old rule of thumb that the snake is more scared of you than you are of them is definitely true, having a rattlesnake be scared of you doesn’t help if they still strike at your legs and sink their fangs in. Let’s face it, there are times when encountering a snake can threaten to do a lot more than just put a hunter off his or her game. Snake bites should never be taken lightly, especially when you’re looking at venomous snakes!

Not only can Danner snake boots help protect you from a potentially lethal snake bite, but even if you receive treatment the damage can be immense, and that’s before you even look at hospital bills that, even with insurance, will almost certainly be thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars for the uninsured. Add in the fact that they are a pretty good hunting boot even if they weren’t offering snake protection and there’s not really a great reason to pass up on them.

Total protection is ideal

Make no mistake about it, snake boots are not like vanilla ice cream: in this case quality matters and it is going to vary a lot from one brand to another. One of the reasons to go with Danner hunting boots is to know for sure that you are getting some of the best snake proof boots possible. While there have been some companies who recently struggled with recalls or the embarrassment (and pain) of a demonstration gone wrong, Danner has managed to steer clear of the bad things and bad press by sticking to their demand for quality. As for finding out more, read on for the four top Danner brands to keep the family hunters safe and snake proof!

Good looking hunting boots

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The Danner Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot

Anyone who has owned a pair of Danner boots before and believes in the quality they offer will want to own a pair of these Pronghorn boots.

By far and away the most popular of all the hunting boots Danner releases, this side-zip boot has a leather upper, an all-leather toe, and has heel caps to help prevent premature wear. They are designed to be strong and powerful while also remaining as lightweight as possible to be comfortable in case the ideal hunting grounds are miles away from parking.

The liner of these Men’s Pronghorn boots are warm yet breathable, and are also waterproof to provide the absolute maximum comfort that is possible.

These high quality boots for hunters are popular for turkey hunters, deer hunters, and anyone who has had to deal with wet, marshy, or wetland conditions. They are equally capable of giving comfort when it’s cold and you’re going through the woods. Constantly shifting between a 4.5 and 5.0 star rating, these are the cream of the crop when it comes to boots from the Danner company and that is really saying something!

Whether you’re worried about rattlesnakes, copperheads, or one of the other venomous snakes in the United States, these boots will keep your lower legs protected!


Camo Danner hunting boots

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Danner’s Jackal II 45764 APG Hunting Boot

The Jackal II 45764 boots for hunters not only features 360 degrees of snake proof protection but they also have a feature that the Danner company has become famous for: Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex liner is water proof, comfortable, and flexible. One of the most common benefits given is that these boots feel like walking in tennis shoes – in other words they are very comfortable, especially over the long-term.

This footwear is resistant to a wide variety of issues that you might have with cheaper made boots including, tears, scuffs, and abrasions. The high quality material here helps prevent all of these, and with a combination of the “Danner Phantom” outer sole to go with Denier nylon, you also get hunting footwear that is great for stalking and minimizing noise.

Comfort matters when you’re going to go out in the woods for a long day of hunting, and these boots certainly hold up to the old school standard of American quality.


quality hunting boots

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Danner Steadfast Snake 17 Inch Hunting Boot

Danner snake boots offer the Steadfast model which is 17 inches of protection. This boot is a combination of leather and fabric and features rubber soles. They not only look really good, but also hold up to the harsh and heavy conditions that you are going to face while out in the woods hunting.

The boot has a removable insole. The base of the boot is designed to offer both support and comfort, and is comprised of a dual density cushion as a means to that end. It also allows for air circulation and has an “airthotic” heel clip for added foot support.

This is the perfect all-season hunting boot as it has total outer traction. The liner is waterproof and the toe box is broader for a greater fit. The snake protection is exceptional, although warning: most customers say you need to order one half to one size larger than your actual boot size to actually get a comfortable fit.

In fact, most negative reviews online are all focused on the boot being too small – something that could have been prevented with a little more research into Danner’s Steadfast line of hunting boots. current

Low cut hunting boots

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Danner Jackal II 7-Inch Hunting Boot

Danner is one of the top providers for snake proof hunting boots that protect from the ankle all the way up the lower leg even up to the knee in some cases, but for individuals who simply don’t like those larger boots there are still other options.

The Jackal II 7-inch hunting boot is a prime example , but when you just need mild protection you can opt for the 7-inch hunting boot. These offer what hunters expect: total waterproof protection in a lightweight boot that you cannot find in any other boot in the line. The protection isn’t a full 360 up the leg since these are built for comfort and ability to travel long distances in comfort as opposed to full protection.

If your main concern is protection from snake bites, you should go for one of the earlier models. If you’re planning on wearing snake chaps or other protective clothing, then these could work and give you a touch more comfort on the feet for those long days hunting out in the woods.


Danner offers hunters a wide array of quality, durable waterproof, snakeproof boots for all seasons and all terrains. The camouflage designs are varied and work for a variety of hunting settings. Choose the ones that work for you and be sure and buy an extra pair for times when you just need that lighter boot to get you through a hunt and a hike.

Danner Boots Equal High Quality

Danner boots have long stood for quality even before they became widely known for hunting boots or for their sturdy and dependable line of anti snake bite boots. This was a company that was founded during the Great Depression by a man named Charles Danner in 1932 in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. The idea was to make sure boots were made for working men that were inexpensive but held up against the test of time. After all in the Depression every single penny counts and hard workers needed a helping hand wherever they could get it.

Taking a look at the logging industry they would eventually move to Portland, Oregon, and the history of the company not only goes through providing excellent work boots for loggers to providing military footwear to seeing the importance of hiking and outdoor activities and making a strong pivot for hunting and hiking footwear in the 1960s.

The one thing that never changed over the decade was quality, and even when the company was sold from the Danner family in 1983 it was done with the contractual agreement that Danner hunting boots and Danner snake proof footwear would have the same degree of quality as ever, something the new owner gladly agreed to. Fast forward to being bought by Lacrosse, an outdoor footwear company that also emphasizes only the highest quality and it’s easy to see how these two names have managed to stay on top.

If you want the full story and timeline of this company be sure to check out the full Danner Boot Company History. It’s an extremely good read and actually a really well designed page.

Danner Hunting Boots, In Conclusion

There are many different fine companies that specialize in this type of hunting and outdoor gear, but when you’re looking for comfortable, reliable, and well designed snake bite proof boots for hunters, then it is hard to argue with what the Danner brand has to offer. Around for nearly 80 years, it’s not hard to see with the top protective boots on this list why they remain a big name in the business.

Find the pair that is right for you, and enjoy those days out in the woods!

This video here says it all about these amazing and high quality snake proof hunting boots!