Reviewing The Best 3 Person Tents

small dome tentWhile big family and cabin tents definitely have their place, sometimes all you want is a pretty simple or pretty basic tent that gives plenty of shelter, plenty of room for sleeping, and don’t add too much weight to your backpack.

There are many great options when it comes to smaller tents, and while the solo camper can do just fine with one and two man tents, if you’re looking for a good couple’s tent you need to start looking at the 3 person models and go up from there. ((This post has been updated based on major changes in early 2017 – so read on and enjoy up to date information on the best three person tents out there!))

What Should You Look For In A 3-Man Tent?

The old saying might go “Two’s company, three’s a crowd,” but when it comes to tents, going one person more (when it comes to tent size) is a good idea. This leaves room for packs, for stretching out, and helps take into account larger individuals who don’t fit the “average” size that many tents use as a measuring factor for how to market. If you want to camp for two, a three person tent is absolutely the way to go.

Our top 3-person camping tent reviews include:

blue family tentNTK OREGON GT Dome Tents

NTK is a very new name on the scene when it comes to 3-person small tents, but the feedback so far from outdoor enthusiasts who were willing to take a chance has been nothing short of outstanding. In fact, with the first update to this post these tents are among the highest rated of the tents that are specifically built for a small group of people. Measured at 7 feet by 5 feet, this is often best for two adults and a child but can also fit three average sized adults in the right situation and when sleeping spaces are set up efficiently.

This tent is designed to be easy to setup and take down, taking out the complication of things. Weighing a mere 5.7 lbs, this is a sturdy and well built tent that might not be perfect for ultralight backpacking but it is outstanding as a tent for a small family, a 3-person tent offering extra room for two people, or two parents and a young child.

An ultra thin mosquito mesh keeps the insects at bay, while a solid frame means this is a tent you can rely on year after year. Officially rated as a three season tent, it can be set up effectively in most setups. Constructed with seamless polyethylene in multiple layers, this is a tent that is built to last and it’s easy to see why it is popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

blue tent with red stripesTopnaca 3-Season 3 Person Backpacking Tent

Coming in 2, 3, and 4 person sizes, Topnaca backpacking tents come in a variety of sizes and colors and have earned their spot on this list of top 3 person tents that are currently on the market. Made from a combination of both 210T polyester cloth as well as B3 nylon mesh, Topnaca tents boast a classic design that everyone who has spent time tent camping will be familiar and comfortable with. These are well made and well put together tents that are perfect for three people.

Tested heavily against both wind and for waterproofing, these are tents that are designed and built to hold up against less than ideal weather. On the other side, shade from UV rays and work towards a degree of SPF proofing shows a distinct and clear amount of work going towards protecting from the dangers that too much sun brings with it, as well.

Lightweight but strong, poles made from quality aluminum, this tent also comes with a high quality fly sheet, tent stakes, and the other basic setup supplies you need to set up and get straight to camping.

green and olive dome tent

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Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent

Coleman is a well recognized name among outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s not hard to see why. They are known for being all about the Great Outdoors and whatever product being produced is done with quality – so it should be no surprise the Coleman 3 man sundome tent makes this list of top choices.

Available from in either green or navy blue, this polyester tent is designed to sleep three comfortably and uses fiberglass poles in order to keep the weight down without sacrificing strength and quality.

An electric accessibility port allows for the charging of smartphones or other gear when electricity is available, but what sticks out even more is the fact that this tent really is designed with space in mind. They are a 3-man tent that don’t just look at square feet, but how those square feet are designed to allow room for three grown campers or hunters.

There is some ability to customize the exact shape or setup depending on need, and the hunting version of this tent does offer enough space for a couple of air mattresses.

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green tent with tarpKelty TN 3-Person Tent

The extremely well thought of Kelty 3-man camping tents are made from a combination of nylon and fabric, and even include 40D Sil Nylon & 70D Nylon, which definitely shows the strong dedication that this company has to creating the absolute best tents in the business, and the Kelty TN3 absolutely stands out as one of the best options when it comes to camping with a tent designed for use by three campers.

This tent offers just under 40 square feet of sleep area, and there is absolutely no denying that this tent packs a lot of quality into a mere 5 lb 4 oz of weight.

The removable rain fly allows for full protection from the rain or can be detached to create additional stage while keeping the top mesh uncovered to see the stars and enjoy the night sky while out in the wilderness. Sometimes a moment of peace is what you need to live for, and this tent offers a high level of quality while also delivering that peaceful time out in nature that all too many of us crave.

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grey dome camping tentWenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent

The Wenzel Ridgeline is a finely designed tent that has earned its way into this top 6 list of best 3 man tents, and if this is the one you go with you won’t be disappointed by the results. Made from polyester, the Ridgeline tent for three people offers plenty of space to stretch out a sleeping bag and get rest, and the design makes it easy to put up as well as to take down.

Light grey with a red trim, this 7 x 7 dome tent can be zipped up to be fully waterproof or the flaps can be open to allow in the breeze and clear views of the campsite and lovely nature surrounding them.

This tent weights 6.25 lbs which makes it heavy for an ultralight backpacker but very light and easy to setup for everyone else looking at more of a traditional outdoor campsite setup. Wenzel has a reputation for creating quality small tents and if you’re looking for a 3-person option that won’t let you down, the Ridgeline is definitely one you’ll want to give a serious look before the next camping season kicks off.

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Orange grey TETON tent

Truly one of the premium small tents out there!

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Designed with an “Oxford bathtub” floor design, this high quality micro mesh tent with built in ventilation to offer the full array of comfortable options when out and about – whether camping at traditional sites or taking the 3 person ultra tent as part of a backpacking excursion, this durable tent offers plenty for campers and backpackers to enjoy without having to bust their budget in order to get the quality they deserve.

This 3 person TETON mountain tent is designed with reinforced seams and well supported anchor points to make sure that this tent is setup to last even after years of use and the wear and tear that comes naturally with so many camping adventures!

Sometimes it’s better to pay a little bit more up front rather than have to replace your tent every couple of years.

This 3 person tent by TETON Sports includes a rain fly, free storage bags, and a limited lifetime warranty, as well.

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SEMOO tent in parkSEMOO Large Door 3-Person 3-Season Lightweight Family Tent

The SEMOO 3 person tent has a large group of devoted followers, and it isn’t hard to see why once you take a look at this 3 season lightweight tent. Not only is is water resistant and family friendly, but this 82.7″ x 82.7″ x 51.2″ tent uses solid fiberglass poles to provide a strong structure for the fabric, which is a variety of polyesters used to provide the best overall camping and outdoor sleeping experience.

This tent only weighs 5.6 pounds and comes with an additional pole that can be attached to help secure a rain fly for inclement weather, and the set up also comes with 10 steel stakes and line to allow a fully secure experience even when wind and rain both hit hard.

When a rain storm moves through, you’ll be glad to have this level of quality construction and design surrounding you to keep you high and dry during your camping adventure!

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orange small camping tentToogh Waterproof 3 Season 2-3 Person Camping Tent

Toogh tents have a reputation for being the absolute top of the line in many fields, and when it comes to looking at the 3 person tent options, they certainly do not disappoint! These tents are popular with backpackers, families who like to hike out to their favorite campsite, or for couples who just want a solid and easy to set up tent for a nearby campsite.

The Toogh tents are offered in half a dozen different colors (including sky blue, orange red, and army green) and are designed with double layers over the roof to be thoroughly waterproof even in the heaviest of rains.

The tent, poles, and other pieces that come with this overall package weigh 7.72 lbs in total and the tent is very adaptable, allowing it to be perfect in the rain, on sunny days, or the overhead tarp can become an awning for extra shade on the beach. This versatility is one of the major selling points of this Toogh tent, and helps explain their popularity.

This is an extremely flexible tent that is also durable and well made, and at one time was our top choice, though some inconsistent manufacturing recently has knocked it down the list a bit for now, but still an outstanding choice and one of the best that Toogh has to offer.

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In Conclusion

There’s no reason to get caught up on too many details. The truth is any of the 3 man tents we review on this post will provide you the outstanding shelter you want and need for any camping excursion. These are all great choices so if you’re just looking for something to get going into the wild, then choose one and run with it. These are really good tents, and getting out in the wild will help you figure out what you really are looking for in a tent and narrow down the choices of which are best even more. If you tend to over pack, you may want to take a look at our post about the best 4 person tents.

So get out there and enjoy all the amazing natural scenery that this world has to offer!

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