Updated Deeper Fish Finder Review

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Deeper Portable Fish Finders are perfect for kayak fishing or shore fishing.

While we were doing a lot of research on portable and Smartphone accessible fish finders, one brand name kept coming up over and over again. That brand would be Deeper, who really was the leader in bringing smartphone and table fish finding capabilities to the masses of anglers who needed it.

Deeper currently has 3 different portable fish finders available to consumers. The classic version is the Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0, and they have also released The Deeper Pro and The Deeper Pro +. There are a lot of similarities between these three fish finders, but there are also a lot of subtle differences that make each of these versions better in different circumstances. The type of fishing you do and the area you prefer to do it in can make a huge difference when it comes to figuring out which one is the best Deeper portable fish finder for you and your specific angling needs.

We hope this Deeper fish finder review will help you determine which one of these options is the right one for you!

The Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0

The Deeper FishFinder 3.0

This is the Original Deeper 3.0. Click on the picture to purchase!

A best Deeper fish finders list definitely has to start with the original 3.0 model. What is really neat about this fish finder is it is actually made to use with your smartphone or tablet. When you buy it, you are buying the necessary software and the transducer that will be placed in the water. Obviously you need to supply the smartphone or tablet yourself, but nowadays that’s not going to be a problem for most of us.

The first steps will be downloading the app to your phone or tablet and making sure all software is up to date.  The sonar/transducer that you will be putting into the water is actually a small black ball that weighs about 3.5 ounces. You can actually tie the transducer to an extra fish rod and cast it out into the water to start gathering data from a little distance from shore.

The transducer you cast out connects to your smartphone or tablet by using a Bluetooth connection. Fortunately, this connection does not require an Internet connection and does not use any data from your data plan, which definitely is a major plus as far as I am concerned! One point worth mentioning is that the Bluetooth connection works to distances of about 130 feet, so don’t cast out the transducer too far.

This fish finder will work in water depths of about 2 feet to 130 feet, and should work in both fresh and salt water. Water temperatures are also measured, and you will start seeing bottom structure on the screen of your smartphone and tablet right away.

The app also has some cool features like a solunar forecast calendar (if you believe fish move differently based on the moon), offline maps, weather forecasts, a camera, a day and night screen color mode, and even a social media sharing button. That’s a lot of variety all from one smart fish finder.

This is the cheapest of the Deeper Fish Finder options, but it still provides the data and information that most people need. There is a reason this is the most popular version of Deeper’s portable fish finders, and chances are you won’t be disappointed by it.

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The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO & Deeper Smart Sonar PRO +

The Deeper Pro

The Deeper Pro – Wi-Fi Connected Portable Fish Finder

These are the more updated versions of Deeper’s portable fish finders. They work almost identical to the way the 3.0 model works. You still download the app, you still cast out the transducer, and it still works on your mobile phone or tablet.

One of the big difference is that both of these versions actually used a Wi-Fi connection instead of a Bluetooth connection to connect to your tablet or phone. What that means for you is that these fish finders will actually stay connected to your phone from 330 feet away instead of the 130 feet or so the Bluetooth connection works for. This allows you to gather data from a lot further away from shore and that your readings from close to that cut off mark will be much more solid, which is definitely a plus for many anglers.

The Wi-Fi connection comes from the sonar you cast out (it is built in) so you still won’t need an Internet connection or data from your cell phone plan. Just make sure the Wi-Fi on your device is turned on and connected and you will be set to go.

Not to get to technical, but another big difference between these two version and the 3.0 Bluetooth version is the frequency and details provided by the sonar. These versions scan more often, and provide greater and more accurate detail to your screen. Basically, you get more accurate information and a better picture with these two versions.

The Deeper Pro +

The Deeper Pro +

One last major difference between these two versions and the 3.0 is the battery charge cycle. Every 2 -3 months you will need to make sure the battery is recharged on the Deeper Smart Fish Finder 3.0, even if it hasn’t been used. It is a 6 month recharging cycle for the other two versions.

So what is the big difference between the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro and Deeper Smart Sonar Pro +? The Pro + comes with an awesome GPS enabled mode that allows for very advanced mapping options. This version’s internal GPS receiver lets them create bathymetric (that is the really fancy term for underwater topography) maps while you are fishing on shore or off shore.

These maps it creates are real time, and can even be saved so you can study them in offline mode! If you really want accurate information, and you really want to create the most accurate maps possible, the Pro + is the best version for you. If you don’t need maps that are quite that accurate, but you want a better picture and the ability to gather data from further distances, than the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Option is better than the 3.0 version.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, check out these other portable fish finder options!

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Final Thoughts

These are the best Deeper Fish Finders available for purchase. Each one is a little bit different, but they are all some of the best portable fish finders that money can buy. You will get more accurate information from some of the state of the art 3D fish finders that are mounted to boats, but they are not portable and they cost a heck of a lot more. If you need the mapping capabilities, the Pro + will be the best option for you. If you are more interested in just have a portable fish finder that will really provide you with accurate information, the other two options are really really good.

If you want to learn more about Deeper Fishfinders – check out this useful YouTube video.