Best Women’s Snake Proof Boots

While there’s no question that the majority of hunting boots are made for men, and snake boots are no different in that particular matter, but there are many choices when it comes to finding outstanding snake proof boots for women. There are a couple companies that really focus on these designs, and produce a comfortable and effective boot for hunting, ranching, or working outdoors that also protects from the worst of critters you can find throughout snake country.

brown pair of chippewa boots

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Chippewa Women’s Pull On Snake Boots

These are consistently rated as the best women’s snake proof boots out there on the market. The “L23913” and “L23914” are basically the same boot with the exception of color scheme, but the designs are the same. These comfortable and exceptionally built leather boots also have a Vibram sole and buckled snaps to adjust fit.

Chippewas are consistently considered one of the best brands on the market, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they also provide the best snake protection for women out there.

These boots offer 15 inches of complete protection from snake fangs. Your feet, ankles, calves, and lower legs are going to be fully protected out in the field, which explains their full popularity. These hold up the Chippewa standard of excellence and bring an astounding aesthetic in addition to the type of quality that is necessary to keep wearers safe out in the field.

These are outstanding snake boots and should be first on the list when it comes to getting a great protective pair of footwear for the special women in your life.

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great snake boot

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Chippewa Apache Women’s Snake Proof Boots

These high quality leather anti snake boots by Chippewa are right up there among the best women’s snake boots available. Made mostly from a combination of top notch leather and nylon, these boots are comfortable, designed well, and will stop a bite from even the largest of angry diamondback rattlesnakes, by far the largest venomous snake found in the United States.

The trademarked Iron Texon insole adds additional comfort and stability to the overall boot design. These boots offer full protection, are good for hunting, ranching, or any type of outdoor wear, and will help keep snake fangs away from your skin.

Chippewa Apache L25118 Lady’s Snake Proof Boots with round toe is stylish, practical, and effective. That last point is the most important by far, since you never want to take a chance with a venomous snake bite. If you’re not going with the top rated boot on this list, this one is a good backup choice.

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Pink camo boot

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Justin Women’s Rugged Camo Snake Boot

These boots are definitely the most expensive (on average) of the ones on the list, but these exceptional looking camo snake boots feature a square toe, tan leather pulled together with pink camo design create a very good looking boot built for female feet while also offering snake protection according to Justin boots.

The Justin Company is known for creating great boot designs and has been around for over a century at this point. Aside from creating an effective and comfortable pull on women’s snake boot, this company also proudly proclaims that every single one of their boots are made, manufactured, and produced in the United States.

These boots definitely have a very distinct style, and while the pull on style isn’t as common, it does give a little extra convenience for being able to quickly pull them on before heading out. While we don’t rank it quite as high as the Chippewa models (and we prefer Chippewa’s more thorough testing of boots to make sure they’re “snake proof”) this is a good option and the highest rated among Justin Boots.

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leather tan cowboy boot

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Justin Dune Traction Women’s Snake Boot

The Justin Dune round toe snake proof boots for women is a more classic design that harkens back to leather cowboy boots that displayed relatively simple but solid designs. The snake proof fabric shaft is designed to give your foot, ankle, and leg proper protection against striking snakes.

Hand crafted in the United States, these boots are also designed with a trademarked “J-Flex” shock absorbing system that allows your feet to be more comfortable, to be cushioned, and makes wearing them throughout the day much easier on the feet and ankles.

These are a great looking boot design and while they tend to be a touch on the pricier side when it comes to snake boots, they do tend to be less expensive than the other pair of women’s Justin boots on this list, and many people find that the hand made quality is worth it.

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What About Using Men’s Snake Boots?

There are several companies that produce snake boots but don’t focus on a women’s line. However, even some of those companies suggest that many of the men’s boots can work great for women, with a general rule of thumb being that you want to go 2 sizes smaller. So a women size 10 should look at a men size 8.

This might not always be the ideal way to go but it is another option for women looking for a high quality boot to protect from snake bites while you’re out and about in the wild.

In Conclusion

There are several companies that focus specifically on creating outstanding snake protection for women, and others that talk about adjusting sizing to get an equivalent “men’s” boot that works just as well in fit and in offering full protection against the bite of a venomous snake. This is the good news: there are options. Hopefully you enjoyed our review of women’s snake boots and found a pair that is perfect to meet all of your outdoor needs!