Best Camping Hammocks Reviewed

girl relaxing in hammock

Now this is the life after a long day of hiking!

While the 1-person tent still rules among many campers and backpacking enthusiasts, there is a growing number of individuals who are becoming fans of what the new line of camping hammocks have to offer, and it’s not hard to see why!

A great hammock is comfortable, relaxing, and can offer an outstanding night’s sleep out in the wild while a simple tent over the top can protect from rain if that becomes an issue.

The huge surge in interest in backpacking has led to more people looking for solo options when it comes to hiking their favorite trails, and for backpacking enthusiasts who know every single ounce of weight counts when hauling a pack, the ability to trade in a tent that is often 4-5 lbs for a hammock that is 2 or less is not only better on the pack, but many of us find getting off the ground is better on the back, as well!

When it comes to long term hiking better sleep means better recovery and a better overall experience. There are hammocks even made to hold the weight of two people, so even big guys like me have options.

Note: There are many extraordinary camping hammocks out in the market right now – so having 3-4 pictures with “Top Rated” on them isn’t a misprint. We’ve done our best to list the best, but the top ones in many situations are very interchangeable.

Read on to learn more about hammock camping, our picks for the top 5 camping hammocks out in the market right now, and why this outdoor craze is spreading so rapidly!

Why Go With A Camping Hammock?

There are many good reasons to look at making the switch from even a good solo one-person tent to try out the hammock method, instead. While some people like sleeping on the ground and have no problem at all with that aspect of enjoying the great outdoors, there is an increasing movement of outdoor enthusiasts who love going with the hammock lifestyle.

There are many good reasons for trying out hammock camping including:

  • Better sleep
  • Easier on the back and body than the ground
  • Much lighter to carry while backpacking or hiking
  • A more immersive experience in nature
  • Makes it easier to leave no trace versus tent camping

There are potential drawbacks: and the lack of trees or places to put up a hammock means in certain environments this simply might not be a viable choice but in the far majority of situations this is going to be an option and it’s definitely one that is worth taking a look at for most outdoor fans.

Green hammock and accessories

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#1: Legit Camping – Double Hammock

One of the most popular choices out there, this hammock comes in nine different color combinations and more importantly has an average of 4.9/5.0 stars from over a thousand user reviews. It’s rare to find any piece of camping equipment (well maybe outside of Solo Stove) that consistently puts up positive numbers like that.

The Legit Camping double hammock weighs a mere 1.85 lbs yet holds up to 400 lbs. While in theory it could be used for two, this is a much better setup for one person, as most heavy duty hammocks are.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, this hammock measures 10 feet long and six and a half feet wide, offering plenty of space not only for small and skinny but even us big folks who are built like brick walls but love our long distance hiking and backpacking. Legit Camping’s top hammock comes with pre-knotted ropes and carabiners to make it extremely easy to set up wherever you decide to camp.

Black and gray camping hammock

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#2: Wise Owl Outfitters Ultimate Camping Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters’ ultimate hammock for camping is another extremely highly regarded brand. The “Ultimate Hammock” comes in both a single and a double size with the single 9.5 feet x 4.5 feet and the double comes in at 10 ft x 6.5 ft.

These hammocks can hold up to 400 lbs of weight and can be used with ropes or straps, although there is definitely a movement towards the straps since they are less harmful to trees and generally allowed in any park, whereas some have already begun banning ropes.

Wise Owl hammocks for camping come in 15 different color combinations, which is a pretty high number of choices. This is a nice touch, and these strong nylon hammocks are quickly gaining a popular reputation for being study, extremely comfortable, and Wise Owl hammocks tend to be very affordable compared to some of the top names in the field.

Getting quality and saving money while improving my nightly sleep on a backpacking adventure? That’s a winning combination all the way around as far as I’m concerned.

Gray & red camping hammock

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#3: Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest Hammock

One of the biggest names and a pioneer in creating outstanding nylon hammocks for campers and backpacking enthusiasts, ENO has developed a reputation that includes thousands of 5 star ratings across about every online sports & camping store imaginable. The DoubleNest hammock doesn’t disappoint, holding up the absolute best of ENO’s reputation!

Featuring industry leading 70D nylon taffeta, combined with specialized triple interlocking stitching techniques, this creates a strong and comfortable hammock to camp in while also making it breathable (read even more comfortable). This really is an outstanding design made from incredible materials put together to further accentuate the overall quality of their products.

While the SingleNest is also popular, most backpacking enthusiasts choose to go for a little bit more space with the DoubleNest option. Specially made aluminum wiregate carabiners are included along with line that is high nautical grade line, means setting up your hammock and being able to rest easy (even if you’re pushing the high end towards that 400 pound mark) knowing you have the top notch equipment to keep you resting happily.

Green budget nylon hammock

A great starting choice for hammocking.

#4: Winner Outfitters Lightweight Nylon Hammock for Campers

This is a budget option to many of the big name brands, and interestingly enough claims to be able to hold more weight at 500 lbs as opposed to the more common 400 lbs that most other nylon backpacking tents are geared for.

That being said, it’s generally best not to test the upper limits of those numbers, but it is an interesting selling point for this tent that is filling up the niche of being a quality budget option compared to many of the more established brands out there.

The new models come out with tree friendly straps, and with a shipping weight of 1.5 lbs this hammock is extremely light weight, making it popular with ultralight backpackers who know that every single ounce counts when it comes to putting together the pack.

These hammocks are made out of 210T parachute nylon – a solid material that is strong enough to hold a person up as they sleep but might not be quite as breathable as some of the other higher end hammocks (meaning hot and humid nights might be a little more uncomfortable, but in most climates this won’t be an issue in the evenings when things cool down).

Although it might not be the top of the line model, it is still high quality and our favorite choices among the budget designs.

Blue and brown parachute hammock

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#5-T: Fox Outfitters Neolite Trekking Hammock

This is the “small” lightweight tent that is offered by Fox Outfitters, but don’t let that label fool you. The Neolite Hammock offers more than enough space for your average backpacker or camper to sleep comfortably, or spend a long lazy afternoon by one of their favorite spots.

By small Fox Outfitters means their ultralight version of the Neolite parachute nylon camping hammock measures 9 ft 7 in. in length by 4 feet 7 in. in width and weighs less than one pound – coming in at 13 ounces. Made of strong material, despite its small stature this outdoor hammock can still hold up to 400 lbs of weight making it more than up to the task of providing a comfortable sleeping experience in the great outdoors.

Fox Outfitters did a great job with this one, providing an excellent hammock that is strong, comfortable, and doesn’t skimp on quality in a gimmicky attempt to take off those extra few ounces. This is a solid choice and is going to continue to be a 5 star favorite among many outdoor enthusiasts.

hammock between two trees

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#5-T: Apriller Ultralight Hammock for Backpackers

Apriller hammocks for backpackers and hikers focus on being comfortable while providing heavy duty support while out in the wild. Designed to be capable of holding two people (you can decide whether or not it’s ever really comfortable having two people in the same parachute style hammock or not) this hammock states it can hold up to 600 lbs, far more than your average camping hammock (though the 400 lb average is nothing to sluff at).

Weighing 1.1 lbs and made of parachute nylon, it comes with binding straps and rope to allow for easy and quick setup when you find an appropriate site. This is a larger tent dimension wise, which makes sense considering it’s made for two, and measures out at 275cm x 145cm. Side pouches allow for the holding of keys, sun glasses, anything you need to carry with you pocket wise but don’t want stabbing into you while you’re sleeping.

This is a very highly rated model and one of your best bets if you need to find an extra large camping hammock or one that truly works for two people.

red eno doublenest hammock bagTop Brands Versus Up-And-Comers

There are a couple brands that really stick out as being among the best of the best when it comes to camping hammocks, and it is really hard to argue with either one. Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) and Wise Owl Outfitters (WOO) are two names that virtually everyone into hammocking know of, and for good reason.

They are the Coke and Pepsi of this branch of outdoor gear and for very good reason. They both have a reputation of being founded by people who were into hammock camping and already passionate about it, who know hammocks inside and out, and then choose to use only the finest in materials and designs to create their hammocks.

In fact, they stick out so much that we have written articles reviewing both of these brands on their own pages, and it will come as no surprise that you see one of each on the above list as well as appearing on other hammock articles throughout our blog.

You can find the blog posts on these companies here:

While you can certainly stop here and have no problem finding exceptional hammocks, it never hurts to see who else is doing what. Just because there are two big names in the field, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of outstanding options out there. This is a very active field and the good news with that means you have many awesome options out there to choose from!

Quality matters! This is something that is important for all campers to remember so don’t give up on hammock camping after buying a cheap used model or trying to make a backyard design work while out on a long hike. If you want a more detailed list of the best models out there check out this great article at Trekwarrior to learn more and see what other really top notch options are out there for hammock campers of all experience levels.

Check it out, find out more about these frankly amazing companies, and use that knowledge to make a smart purchase so you can enjoy the best that the wild has to offer!

In Conclusion

There are many options out there when it comes to camping solo and if you talk to many serious backpacking enthusiasts, especially those who love thru hiking for weeks or even months at a time, you will find a wide array of opinions when it comes to the best bedding when taking solo hikes and adventures. The truth is there are several options but ultralight camping hammocks are popular for a reason and they are going to continue to grow in popularity. We hope you enjoyed this article, and whether you rough it with a tarp or enjoy hanging in between the trees, we’ll be glad to see you out on the trail!