Best 4 Man Tents For Camping

two women talking at camping tentFamily camping can be a tricky thing sometimes. While it can seem nice to have an 8 or 10 person cabin tent, that can be a long and frustrating set up – especially when the poles are made of metal and the ground is really hard as you’re trying to pound those stakes in (thin metal ones loved to bend and twist).

As my brother and I can attest from countless weekends camping in our youth – the room is nice but man, some of those setup sessions could get pretty rough (and tiring). We guarantee those tents are not one man setup jobs, either. They are a hassle, and if you’re even a little bit off your game or it’s really windy you can also count on some frustration, too. Jon and I do not miss those days – no, sir!

But unless you’re going solo or with a young love planning to really cuddle up close, the one and even two person tents just aren’t going to do it. A 4 person tent is that great size where it’s still easy to set up, offers plenty of space for backpacks, and still is small enough to be easy to pack and easy to set up. In other words in many situations, it’s the perfect setup.

Some Of Our Favorite 4 Person Tents

TentGradeAvg PriceOur Rating (out of 5 stars)
Coleman 4-Person Instant CabinA$$4.8
Sundome 4 Person TentA-$4.6
Snugpak 92894 The Cave 4 Person TentA$$$$$$4.6
AmazonBasics 4 Man TentB+$4.5
FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome TentB+$$$4.4
Mountain Trails South Bend 4 Person TentB$4.4
Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dark Dome TentB$$+4.3

Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Tent

gray cabin tent

An outstanding four person tent for the family.

Coleman is a major name in outdoor camping and recreation gear for a reason, and it should come as no surprise that they are on our list as having one of the best 4-person tents out there. And while there is honestly very little difference between spots 1-3 on this list (and all these tents are top notch as of this writing – or we wouldn’t even mention them), this instant cabin pop up tent by Coleman gets the nod for number one.

The first things that sticks out is the innovative design. Generally “cabin tent” and “pop up tent” are two terms that do not go hand in hand, yet Coleman manages to pull this off by pre-attaching the poles. This means you find your spot, secure the center, and then lift up. Two people can set this tent up in about a minute’s time, making it one of the easiest to get up and moving.

There are a lot of features to like here, as well. The construction is made from 150D polyester taffeta, which is a heavy duty material and confirms that they didn’t skimp on quality. Special attention was given to make the tent waterpoof, they even boast of a WeatherTec system to really keep additional water out, and the design makes it easy to open up the screens for air flow without letting all the bugs in.

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Camping Tent

blue gray tent

Outstanding tent with space for a small family.

Look it here – there’s another familiar name! Coleman makes a wide variety of fantastic outdoor items and their tents might be the best of them all. This popular Sundome 4 person tent comes in either green or navy as far as color options, and is one of the highest rated tents on all of Amazon for this particular style/size.

Weighing in at 10.2 lbs, this tent is much lighter than the first one on the list. Now it’s large enough for four average sized people though it’s a bit of a cozy fit, and it works well with kids being among those 4 people, but if you have one particularly large person, it is going to be much harder to fit four full sized adults inside that tent.

There are two windows for ventilation during nice weather, and an included rain fly offers additional protection from the rain when needed. The design includes a strong and extra durable floor that is built to last the test of time, and this tent even comes with a one year limited warranty.

This is an outstanding choice when looking for these types of family tents.

Snugpak The Cave Tent for 4 People

cave tent in woodsThe Cave is an outstanding 4 person tent design from Snugpak that is definitely on the premium side of construction. Weighing in at 11.5 lbs, the Snugpak is a spacious four man tent that is created out of extremely high end materials such as 50D Polyester.

Add in the special anodized poles made from DAC Featherlite NSL and it quickly becomes easy to see that these are very high end materials that strongly sets The Cave apart from other competition.

This tent comes with a rain fly to offer additional coverage from the rain. This is a two door tent and each door has its own vestibule. Even the tent stakes are made from a high end material and these 25 alloy stakes are extremely impressive – with 23 used in a full set up and 2 extras to spare. In addition to this, the tent also comes with a free basic repair kit so you’re prepared the first time you might need a little patch after years of work.

The biggest knock on this tent model is its expense. While premium materials and design often means premium pricing, this tent is definitely on the upper high side with 4 person tents and can really cut into a budget for family camping.

AmazonBasics 4-Person Dome Tent

orange and grey tentMade from 100% polyester, the AmazonBasics 4 person tent is the smaller version of another similar model Amazon offers that is designed for 8 people. This is a dome style 4 man camping tent that includes a removable rain fly, measures 7 feet by 9 feet, and is mentioned as being perfect for a very short backpacking trip or for drive up campsites where you can bring up the vehicle and then pitch the tent.

Set up is fairly conventional for this style of a dome tent, with fiberglass poles that need to be fed through the supporting loops on the tent and then raised at the same time. Two people should have no problem getting this tent set up in a matter of minutes, and it is possible for one person to set it up, though it is far easier to get that extra little bit of help.

The durable design means this tent is set to last through multiple camp seasons, and the interior mesh pockets hanging from the walls are perfect for glasses, wallets, keys, lighters, pocket knives, cell phones, etc.

Weighing a mere 8.65 lbs, this tent offers campers a great value through and through.

FiveJoy Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

Quality pop up tentYou don’t see many instant pop up tents once you get up to tents for 4+ people, or at least not ones worth talking about, but FiveJoy pop up dome tents for four people actually pulls off a fairly impressive model that is definitely worth mentioning, and one of our favorites among these tents.

The quality of construction jumps out immediately. Many pop up tents are created with minimal stitching, but the instant pop up tent by FiveJoy has double stitching, high quality zippers, and finely attached mesh windows that show a care of construction that campers and outdoor enthusiasts will greatly appreciate, especially if they have ever been in a tent that failed to hold up mid-way through the rain!

This tent is a mere 8 lbs and includes a circular carrying case for when you need to break down the tent to leave or transport it from one site to another. Fiberglass poles and galvanized iron tent pegs insure that your tent stays up and secure until you are ready to break camp once again.

Mountain Trails South Bend 4 Person Tent

great and red dome tent

Click on the picture for up to date pricing!

This is a bit of a tight fit for four average sized adults, and is more like a 3 person tent unless there are some kiddos involved, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this Mountain Trails sport dome tent is an excellent build, and for the right couples or families is going to be an excellent choice for getting the kids to learn to enjoy the wild as you get your nature time.

These polyester tents have a shock-corded fiberglass pole setup to create a stable frame, welded polyethylene floor for extra durability and waterproof support, with an excellent ventilation setup through smart use for mesh windows to allow full air flow, but which is easily zipped up to keep out the rain when the weather turns.

Weighing a mere 7 pounds, this tent is light enough to pack for some mild hiking to a better spot, and the construction is surprisingly strong for a budget friendly model of tent. You’re not going to be hurting at all if you decide to give this Mountain Trails tent for four campers a try. It’s worthy of its place on this best of small camping tent list!

Coleman Carlsbad 4-Person Dome Dark Room Tent

screened in dome tentThis is a tent that’s built for napping – and for killing those annoying random lights that seem to cut through the darkness and leave a bright swath of light across your face when it’s time to sleep. Coleman (here they are again!) has designed their dark room dome tent, which is designed specifically to cut out 97.5% of sunlight, moonlight, and other types of light that would otherwise cut through the tent.

As a nice side effect, this also reduces the heat that comes into the tent during the day.

The tent comes with a built in foot print for extra warmth and comfort while sleeping, and the tent itself is well constructed with special attention given to every detail. The tent is easily opened up to allow a breeze through, you can sit behind a screen to enjoy the day (without the bugs) or you can batten down the hatches if the rain comes in.

There is a lot to like about the way Coleman put this excellent 4-person tent together, and there’s no denying that for those of us who love camping but like to sleep a little bit past dawn – this is a fantastic solution to those oh so early light issues.

In Conclusion

Sometimes the small solo tent works, sometimes you just need to get into something a little bit bigger. For many small families a four person tent is just the right size to have space to sleep, room for gear, and still allow the comfort of stretching out and staying warm from body heat. This article shows you the full list of our recommended tents and you will find at least one that works perfectly for you, your budget, and your specific camping situation.

As this video shows, it’s never too late to get into tent camping!

First time camping tent video